Let’s work together Wished partnerships and profiles

You share our values and would like to join us ? Find all practical information on partnership and profiles of interest to us.

Partnership policy

Digital accessibility can only be efficient when it is taken into account at all levels of the production chain. This requires the contributions of various professionals.

As we often work with the public sector, our work load is dependent upon the time of year, with most activities occurring at the end of the year and before summer, often requiring the assistance of additional resources.

In order to strengthen our ability to meet requests in complementary fields of skills, and to cope with occasional extra work, we have developed two types of partnership.

Whatever the type of targeted partnership, we choose our partners carefully, according to their professionalism and the quality of their services.

Occasional partnerships

These are profiles of skills we can request occasionally, for reviews or in order to meet a specific client’s request (such as a development skill).

Would you like to work with Access42 ? Do you think that your résumé would be of interest to us ? Let’s meet, contact us !

Priviledged partnerships

These are partners with which we have a narrower relationship. Priviledged partnership is set on the basis of a common offer.

To become a priviledged partner, you need to meet two requirements :

  • non-competition : acting in a field that is different in order to be able to provide a common offer that can be of benefit to both parties, without damaging the partner’s business ;
  • loyalty : proposing in priority our partner for this common offer or on the occasion of making a bid. This priority is non-exclusive. If one partner does not wish to or cannot answer to a market, the other is free to answer with someone else.

Researched profiles

In order to enlarge our partners’ list and/or for our future recruiting campaigns, here is the list of skills we may be looking for :

  • Junior or confirmed accessibility reviewer
  • Confirmed HTML/CSS/JS developer
  • Senior JavaScript developer
  • Junior or confirmed PR manager
  • Confirmed or senior ergonomist

The level of experience for each position is evaluated as follows :

  • junior : from 1 to 3 years of experience ;
  • confirmed : from 3 to 6 years of experience ;
  • senior : more than 6 years of experience.

Your profile is not on the list, but you are convinced that you can provide useful skills to Access42 ? Contact us !