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Learn more about Jean-Pierre, Sylvie, Audrey and Mélanie.

Co-founder of the Access42 Company, Jean-Pierre specializes in the area of Research and Development.

Jean-Pierre is unmatched in his ability to find simple and efficient answers, even to the most complex issues.

Before he created Qelios, Jean-Pierre worked in various projects, which eventually led him to work as a Senior Accessibility Expert at TecAccess, in the United States, where he was responsible for writing an operational version of international standards for his clients.

He has been the main editor of the AccessiWeb reference guide that is coordinated by the BrailleNet association since its version 1.1. Jean-Pierre is also the author of the technical French governmental reference guide RGAA 3.0. In addition to his immoderate inclination for Reference guides, he has been training the AccessiWeb Evaluation experts for the BrailleNet association since 2007.

Besides the Reference guides, Jean-Pierre has a passionate love for Javascript and CSS...

Sylvie Duchateau

Sylvie is a partner of Access42 and is in charge of the trainig center, as well as the company’s international development.

After her master’s degree in applied foreign languages English-German, Sylvie is going to study political sciences in Germany at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she has been living for 9 years. Since October 1998, Sylvie has developed her knowledge of digital accessibility at the BrailleNet association, where she remained for 15 years. Since 1999, she has also been participating in Education and Outreach Working Group of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of W3C.

Sylvie participated in the development of the AccessiWeb Reference Guide, animated training for webmasters, developers, decision-makers in digital accessibility and coordinated the French translation commitees of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0 and Understanding WCAG 2.0.

She participated in the writing of guides about the design of accessible documents and in various projects about the testing of applications and services. In the framework of a partnership with the Louis Braille area of the Technical Museum Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Sylvie trained people with visual disabilities on new technologies. She has also conducted many outreach actions about digital accessibility and shared her experience at several international conferences.

Sylvie is involved at the French national association of guide dog users (ANMCGA), for which she is currently vice-president, and goes beyond her professionnal involvement for accessibility through volountary actions in Paris and abroad - always traveling with her loyal dog Voyelle.

Audrey Maniez

Audrey is a partner of Access42 and is in charge of audits and the creation of accessible HTML/CSS templates.

While studying for her Master of Media Engineering for Education, her main interest has always been in the technical side of this field. With her acquired knowledge of web design and integration, she leads various projects in associations dedicated to free software and sustainable development. Thanks to a colleague, Audrey met Jean-Pierre, who introduced her to the world of digital accessibility.

Audrey was certified as an AccessiWeb evaluation expert in 2011, having developed her expertise through the experience of many audits with Jean-Pierre. She is also fond of web standards, giving classes and implementing the latest techniques, as demonstrated in the Access42’s web site, which she created.

Mélanie Burbant

After attaining a two years diploma as managing assistant for small and middle companies, where she passed a training period with Armony at ACS Horizons on two consecutive years, Mélanie completes her studies with a one year professional master, alternately specialised in quality management.

Under Armony’s responsibility, she will have the mission, besides the company’s daily management, to follow-up the quality management system with the goal of an ISO 9001 certification before the end of year 2015.