Why Access42 ? Story of a collective project

A small company with huge ambitions. Discover how and why Access42 was created, and « THE » response in one number : 42.

Story of a collective project

At the beginning of Access42, Armony Altinier (owner of the ACS Horizons Ltd) and Jean-Pierre Villain (owner of the Qelios Ltd) decided to combine their skills in order to give birth to a new project.

On the occasion of their candidature for a public tender that aimed to create version 3 of the French Government Reference Guide RGAA, Armony and Jean-Pierre started to work more closely together. And when it was announced that they won the tender, they had already decided to create Access42 for a long time. Months went on, giving them time to work on the details of this operation, and during the summer, Sylvie Duchateau informed them that she was stopping her activity at the BrailleNet association, after 15 years of good and faithful service, in order to give a new direction to her career. Then, Armony and Jean-Pierre invited her to join them. This was also proposed to Audrey Maniez ,who had been already helping them on different projects. Sylvie and Audrey agreed to share their skills and enthusiasm and Access42’s funding team was set.

On September 1, 2014, ACS Horizons was transformed into Access42.

See also the blog post announcing the start of Access42.

Common values and shared vision of a company

The vision we have about a company can be summarised in 5 keywords :

  • Professionalism : Access42 would not exist without its clients. We chose to organise ourselves according to reference guide ISO 9001:2008, in order to guarantee a maximum level of satisfaction. After a period of setting up, we expect to be certified in 2015.
  • Confidence : although accessibility standards are available, each project is unique and requires collaboration in order to find the best accessibility solution in the framework of our clients’ constraints, for the sake of all.
  • Excellence : we are constantly looking at new evolutions in order to provide ongoing updates of our knowledge. This will of excellence is implemented operationally by a policy of annual training of all our coworkers, funding dedicated to the R&D center, and all employees spending time on accessibility checking and working on personal projects under free license, in conjunction with our activity.
  • Responsibility : as showing good examples is more effective than giving lessons, we do our best to follow the values of accessibility and freedom that we promote in our daily work. Signatory of the deontology charter of the Cinov Federation, we work in respect of the profession’s rules.
  • Sharing : because our highest satisfaction relies in making accessibility progress, each member of our team is very eager to contribute in his/her own way, in writing books or articles, talking at conferences, contributing to projects related with free software, or in being involved volountarily in associations.

Access42 is involved

Associations and projects we are supporting :

  • Freedom #0 : a Free and Accessible Digital World
  • CINOV IT : the French Syndicate for Small and Medium companies specialized in the field of digital technologies
  • ANMCGA : French national association of guide dog users
  • April : Promoting and protecting Free Software
  • France-Luxembourg User Experience Professionals Association
  • Framasoft
  • Girlz In Web

But why 42 ?

42 does not refer to the French department of Loire, but to a humorous science fiction novel by Douglas Adams, entitled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2).

This work explains that "THE" Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is simply one number : 42.

Therefore, if the "big question" is how to create a more inclusive Web, then the answer must certainly be Access42.  ;)