Allowing disabled people to access the digital world is a right.

It’s our mission.

We help you to implement the law that results from this right through training sessions, consulting service, and operational implementation of the international Guidelines for Web accessibility.

Accessibility consulting

RGAA, WCAG, ATAG, AccessiWeb... Do you get a headache from all of these standards? Do you have a project which needs to conform to standards, yet you don’t know where to start? We are here to help!

Accessibility engineering

Because, like all technologies, digital accessibility is constantly evolving, Access42 is commited in its research and development to always provide the best solutions for a modern and accessible Web, on all platforms.

Accessibility training

Do you need a training? We have the solution! Awareness raising, technical trainings, trainings for web and data processing editors, inside of your company or for several companies, let’s find together the training you need.

What is digital accessibility ?

Digital accessibility allows everyone to equally access digital content, regardless of their devices.

There are as many means to access content as users. Most of us use a keyboard and a mouse. But did you know that there are assistive technologies, like screenreaders, magnifiers or adapted keyboards, designed to help users overcome their deficiencies ?

People who can’t move their arms cannot grab products when shopping for instance. However, when using their computer with an eye-tracking device and a virtual keyboard to shop online, their disability becomes irrelevant. That is of course, if the website is accessible.

In an accessible society, persons with disabilities are able to communicate with others and be a part of society, like everyone else.

Digital technology is the opportunity to build such a society. To achieve this, applications and websites need to be designed and coded in accordance with digital accessibility standards.