Accessibility consulting

Where to start ? Follow the guide !

RGAA, WCAG, ATAG, AccessiWeb... Do you get a headache from all of these standards ? Do you have a project which needs to conform to standards, yet you don’t know where to start ? We are here to help !

Our consulting services

  • Contracting authority support :
    • collecting needs, follow-up on the service providers’ work regarding the accessibility of the delivered implementations, for the project manager ;
    • specifications : editing of specific requirements or of an accessibility section in more general specifications ;
  • Project management support :
    • consulting for companies who submit a proposal to bids requesting to implement accessibility ;
    • support for taking accessibility into consideration during the period of perparing a bid ;
    • controlling produced web sites and applications follow-up of the work done to guarantee that accessibility has been taken into account during the development phase ;
  • Proofreading of technical documents to ensure that requests are accessibility-supported ;
  • benchmark on software solutions according to their accessibility.

Some references

  • ESENESR : National College for Education Management, Higher Education and Research ;
  • Oise Valley Departmental Council ;
  • Multimedia France Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary of France Télévisions ;
  • GFI Informatique.

See our other references in Consulting.